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Scoot69 is a family run freestyle stunt scooter shop, the business was started in October 2011 by husband and wife team, Debbie & Rich. They have 4 children: Nina, Ashton, Megan & Chelsea.

Starting off as a small shop in the corner of Richards parents bike shop they had no idea of the phenomenon Scoot69 was to become!

After just six short weeks Scoot69 became so popular that it had to move to its own premises in Quedgeley, Gloucester. It now had a huge following of scooter riders and customers were coming thick and fast to purchase their scooters and parts, and to have repairs done and parts fitted by Rich who is a highly skilled mechanic. After a few weeks of being in Quedgeley they took on three members of staff, Dan, Harry and Jack who have become an invaluable part of the scoot69 team.

After a few months the shop and workshop became so busy that more space was needed and another unit was opened as the "Scoot69 workshop" where all repairs are done, also new parts are fitted and custom builds are built.
All of Richard and Debbies children have played a part in the success of the business with Nina, Ashton, Megan and even 9 year old Chelsea helping out. So it really is a family business!!

In May 2013 Scoot69 was still growing rapidly and gaining a great reputation for its unique products and services so they made a huge decision to move into Gloucester City Centre.  They found a wonderful and quirky retail premises in Southgate Street and moved the whole set up there. This was a massive move for them but has proved to be extremely beneficial as today in 2016 the shop is still thriving and has expanded massively into Skateboards, Longboards, Skates, Heelys and lots of other skate related products but still keeping to their roots and catering for the scooter scene!  The eldest daughter Nina now plays a massive part in running the shop along side Richard and Debbie and another new member of staff who joined in 2015, Jack Ashmore.

During 2012 with Scoot69 becoming such a success they had lots of riders wanting to gain sponsorship from them so they decided to sponsor their first rider, a young lad from Cam called Liam Witchard, he was an amzing scooter rider and all the local kids looked up to him, now in 2016 Liam has moved on from the team as he is now working full time and has other commitments but is still a regular visitor at Scoot69 and has remained friends with them all to date, after that they decided to sponsor more talented kids so Scoot69 now have three amazing and talented riders........

Scoot69 Team:

Callum Edge 

Alex Trimm

Freddie Aplin

Check out their profiles on the Scoot69 team link

Welcome to Scoot69, and Thank you for your custom :)